Harvest, Literacy and the Book of Mark

The widows in our agriculture group have begun harvesting their peanuts!  This will continue for several weeks, as it is a very labor intensive harvest.  The plants are pulled out of the soil and stacked in piles to dry for five days.  Then the pods are removed from the plant and laid out in the sun for another five days.  But it is only September and the rains have not yet ceased, so the ladies will need to bring the peanuts inside every time it rains! Pray for an excellent harvest and good management of the peanuts.  

The girls and women of Ariath Baptist Church are currently in their third month of the Dinka literacy program.  29 passed the vowel exam a few weeks ago!  Now they are learning their consonants and will have a comprehensive exam in a few weeks.  Pray they would attend class everyday and put in the necessary time at home to learn to read and write their mother tongue.  

We are in Mark 14!  In a few weeks, we'll wrap up the book and send to a group of pastors to read and review the translation.  Then on to a Greek consultant and hopefully print a trial copy in the next few months!  Then we'll distribute to various churches for feedback.  Please pray for good reception by the local churches.

We thank you for your support of the ministry and desire to see the South Sudanese grow in knowledge and wisdom in the Lord. 

For His Name's Sake,