The Dry Season

Everything in South Sudan is measured by seasons and events rather than months and time.  The rains have stopped and we thank God for a bountiful harvest in Ariath.  We all reap what we sow, and those that planted crops are enjoying the fruit of their labors.  

The literacy ladies at both churches are doing well and we will finish the current program in February.  We hope to have 10-12 readers upon completion of the course.  Then we will move to two new churches and begin teaching new students.  I absolutely love watching the ladies and girls learn to read their mother tongue.  May their ability to read the Word of God strengthen the local church.  

Please keep Nhomlaau in your prayers as we seek to begin bible translation in 2017. There is great demand among the local Christians for a more literal translation of the bible.  Pray the Lord would open a door for us to begin and bring this to fruition.     

We thank you for your support of the ministry and desire to see the South Sudanese grow in knowledge and wisdom in the Lord. 

For His Name's Sake,