A time to plant...

Everyone is working in their gardens, preparing for the next big rain to plant peanuts, sorghum, sesame, okra, hibiscus, tomatoes and pumpkins.  It's an exciting and hopeful time as we sow seeds and wait for the harvest.  Please pray for an excellent growing season with just the right amount of rain.  

Our widows agriculture group is going well as 17 widows have been assisted with peanuts for planting this year.  It is a lending group, and they will return their seed and then some to store for next planting season.  We hope to increase their wealth that they may be able to provide for the needs of their families.

God willing, we will have a rough draft of the book of Mark completed by the end of the year.  Please keep this bible translation project in prayer as we have faced many obstacles.

We thank you for your support of the ministry and desire to see the South Sudanese grow in knowledge and wisdom in the Lord. 

For His Name's Sake,